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In memory of BARBARA HAMMER (1939-2019)

BARBARA HAMMER RETROSPECTIVE IN TWO PARTS (Swedish below) Friday September 27th at 18.00 – Cinemateque Stockholm Saturday September 28th at 14.00 – Teater 3 Stockholm One of the most significant players within queer film, experimental film – well, film – left the stage this year.… Read more

SAQMI at Faroe Pride 2019

Photo from Max Görans video Singing Cunts July 27th 2019 Í ár eru 50 ár liðin síðani Stonewall, tí hevur Faroe Islands International Minority Film Festival (FIMFF) avgjørt at have eitt tiltak á sama degi sum FAROE PRIDE 2019. Vit fara at líta aftur á… Read more