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Nightfall – Queer Talks & Screenings #12 – Alecio Araci

Ready for another night nestled in the cosiest cinema in town?

Nightfall is back with another night of queer film and queer conversation. For this edition of Nightfall we’ve invited Alecio Araci who’ll be sharing a collection of short films and works in progress focussing on Roma experiences.

But it doesn’t stop there! We’ll be showing these gems alongside footage from the archive – footage which itself will form the basis of an upcoming feature-length mockumentary. So snap up the chance to savour this morsel of a sneak peak while you can!

We’ll also be catching up with the mastermind himself with an interview with Alecio and SAQMI’s own Sam Message.

Doors open: 19:00
Screening at: 19:30 (with interview to follow!)
NEWS: The interview is now available as a podcast here.
Location: Frigga Huset, Gatenhielmska kulturreservatet, at Pölgatan 5, 414 60
Price: As usual entrance is FREE but we thrive from your donations so be generous!
Tickets: no ticket required, but the space is small so get in early to get a spot
For info about accessibility of the space, see below

Alecio Araci has a background in DIY and underground culture and has worked diligently on both low- and high budget projects since the mid-00s. Between the years 2015 and 2018, he trained on the bachelor’s program in film at Valand Academy in Gothenburg and has since continued his creative work both in front of and behind the camera. With his love for genre films and burlesque, he constantly strives to find the balance between the bizarre and the ordinary in his works.

Here’s what Alecio’s got to say about his film selection:

“Tjena tjavo” (English title: Chavo) is the opening film in a trilogy of short films in a Roma setting that deals with topics such as identity, sexuality, origin and the burden that can occur when these parameters do not match.

“Mami” which in Romany means grandmother is the second film in the trilogy and is told from the point of view of an elderly matriarch. The film is shown as a “work in progress”.

“Lil tuke” means “A letter to you” in Romany and is the final film in the trilogy. In short, it is about secret relationships and being able to move on after an indescribably difficult loss. From this project clips are shown only.

During the evening, we will also take part of archive material filmed on Super 8, which now forms the basis for the development of a feature length mockumentary.

Nightfall is a night of queer talks and screenings. Inviting artists to share and talk about their work and their process. Nightfall is both a showcase for finished work and a queer peer review for work in progress.

The programme is taking place on the ground floor, however there are a few steps and small doorways. The smallest door is 77cm. There is audio amplification but no hearing loop.
Contact us if you want to come and we will help you get a place:

Nightfall is supported by Kulturrådet and Göteborgs stad.

You can read more about the film Tjena tjavo in the Timeline: Göteborgs Queera Filmhistoria.

More information soon

Tjena Tjavo Poster
Poster from the film Tjena Tjavo.
Nightfall banner using still from the film ''Tjena Tjavo'' by Alecio Araci.
Lil Tuke by Alecio Araci
Nightfall banner using still from ''Lil tuke'' by Alecio Araci.
Still from ''Mami'' by Alecio Araci