Performance by Del LaGrace Volcano

Happy News from Us Del LaGrace Volcano will perform at Moderna Museet before the film program: It´s a Fucking Man´s World. * Friday November 16th at 6pm Del LaGrace Volcano: TALKING QUEER: GENDER OPTIONAL + BODIES OF RESISTANCE + A SPECTACULAR SPECIMEN Consisting of 3… Read more

SAQMI at Moderna Museet Stockholm

The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images presents an evening of film and conversation It’s a Fucking Man’s World It’s 2018 and men are walking about freely through the streets. Almost as if #metoo hadn’t happened. Men continue to take up a huge amount of space… Read more

Photo by Anna Linder


For the first time ever in Sweden The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images are compiling the history of queer moving images and storing it all in one place. A history that has been marginalized through oppression and self-censorship. Through methods such as documentation, interviews,… Read more

Making communities: life after the revolution. Samtal om synliggörande av queer historia

Under Umeå Europeiska Filmfestival hölls ett samtal om synliggörande av queer historia. Samtalet var en del av programmet ”Making communities: life after the revolution” som Lesbisk Makt gjorde tillsammans med Konstfrämjandet i Västerbotten och Umeå Europeiska Filmfestival. Hur synliggörs queer historia och varför göra på just det sättet? På vilket sätt kan gestaltning… Read more