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Queer Moving History 2 with Cinema Queer in Haparanda

Cinema Queer on tour is coming to Haparanda and invites you to a screening of queer film during Border Pride. 18:00 Swedish and 19:00 Finish time. Together with SAQMI – The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images – we are watching the SAQMI-curated film program:

From liberation to trans militancy – documents from queer struggles in Sweden

This film program highlights queer struggles and the history of the Pride movement in Sweden, from 1979 until today. We’re invited to join in demonstrations, festivals, actions and escapades that have moved queer issues forward, outward and inward. Here are pink balloons let loose in the wind, raised fists and gay songs, lesbian struggle, queer feminism, trans militancy, the bravest man in Sweden heading a liberation march in Gothenburg and the story of when Sundsvall became Queersvall. Here are anti-marriage activists and pink and black rainbows. Here are the traces that lead to the present and inspiration for the future.


1. Gay Liberation Week, Sthlm 1979

2. Gay Liberation Weekend, Gbg 1981

3. Gay Liberation Week, Sthlm 1981

4. Gay Liberation Week, Sthlm 1984

5. A Year of Sisterhood – Interview with Fitt 4 Fight & Queer feminist march 2005

6. Lesbian festival, Gbg 2005

7. Anti-marriage Action, Gbg 2010

8. Candle-manifestation, Gbg 2012

9. Actions from Queersvall, Sundvall 2019

10. Sápmi Pride, Gironis 2014

75 minutes / Swedish spoken / English Subtitles

The event is completely free! Bring your friends and come watch some film! 

Actions from Queersvall, Sundsvall, 2019
Queer Moving History 2
Sápmi Pride, Gironis, 2014
Queer Moving History 2
A Year of Sisterhood - Interview with Fitt 4 Fight & Queer feminist march, Stockholm, 2005