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Nightfall – Queer talks & screenings #7 : Taboo in the Dark Matter

***Nightfall is a night of queer talks and screenings. Inviting artists to share and talk about their work and their process. Nightfall is both a showcase for finished work and a queer peer review for work in progress.***

It’s time again, my fabulous film fanatics, for another fulfilling, fun-filled evening!

AND best of all!! We’re back home!! Frigga is calling out for you to come and nestle your bums on all of our uneven and un-matching chairs for another night of chill, culture and queer bliss with us.

This time we’re about to ruffle some feathers of sensibility and plunge into the punishing depths of taboo – taboo around the bodies, religion, sex, the public and the private and of course where would we be without delving into the queer too? 

But that’s not all, we’re about to suck down into a deep dark hole, right down into the darkest depths: the realm of Dark Matter. Cultural Dark Matter is everything simmering under the surface. Its voices outside the institutions, it’s the murmurs, whispers and battlecries of trends yet to come, ultimately its the avant garde of the people before it’s passed through the moulding mechanisms of the institution and fed back to us as innovative novelty. We’re swinging the hatch to this underground dimension wide open with a series of short films from Gothenburg-based filmmakers.

  • Blossom (2019) by Matti Arbiv & Tekla Andersson
  • Jag började ligga med tjejer i Uppsala för att vara närmare våra embryon (2019) by Saga Bok
  • Bara Vara (2019) by Camilla Rydberg
  • Bend over, please! (2019) by Saga Bok
  • A god a song a membrane (2020) Marie Flarup Kristensen

After the screenings we’re hosting a panel discussion with filmmakers to connect the dots between these different pockets of activity bubbling up to the surface. So bring your questioning heads and we’ll bring the coffee to keep you going.

This event will be held in English

As usual entrance is FREE but if you want to help us keep doing what we do it´s possible to make a donation when you arrive. The space “Frigga” is small so come on time to make sure you get a spot.

SAQMI is located in Frigga Huset, Gatenhielmska kulturreservatet, at Pölgatan 5, 414 60

Doors open at 19:00, screening starts at 19:30

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The programme is taking place on the ground floor, however there are a few steps and small doorways. The smallest door is 77cm. There is audio amplification but no hearing loop.
Contact us if you want to come and we will help you get a place:

Nightfall is supported by Göteborgs Stad and Kulturrådet.

Sam Message driver samtal med Camilla Rydberg, Saga Bok och Matti Arbiv
Umgänge under evenemanget Nightfall #8
Umgänge under evenemanget Nightfall #8
Nightfall #8 visning
Nightfall #7 : screenshot from Blossom by Tekla Andersson and Matti Arbiv
screenshot from 'Bara vara' (2019) by Camilla Rydberg
screenshot from 'A god a song a membrane' (2020) by Maria Flarup Kristensen
Screenshot from 'Jag började ligga med tjejer i Uppsala för att vara närmare våra embryon' (2019) by Saga Bok
Bend over, please! (2019) by Saga Bok