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SAQMI and Rest and Resist (RAR) invite you to an evening of queer & trans short films & community!!!

The program will center themes of trans identity and trans resilience💘 holding space for reflection and hope in the week following Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20th)

Film program:

I’m continuously crying tears of estrogen and tears of testosterone, Zafira Vrba Woodski, 2020, 5 min

The history of people who break the expected norms about gender and sexuality is quite extreme. Our trans and queer ancestors have experienced both love and hate, sometimes at the same time. I’m continuously crying over my ancestors, friends, lovers, partners and parents who died way to early. I remember them all. May their memories be a revolution. Zafira Vrba Woodski plays a weeper in the film, crying tears of hormone gel. The testosterone gel was gifted from a friend who died in 2020. The estrogen gel is Zafiras’ own.

Manhood, Mia Engberg, 1999, 10 min

Att vara kvinna och sen bli man när du lever tillsammans med en flata som kanske är bög… Vad är manlighet? Blir du en bättre man om du har upplevt hur det är att vara kvinna? En film om icke-binär identitet i 90-talets San Francisco.

Daniel Aguirre – Una Telenovela de Guapas a collective film with Armario Abierto, 2020, 21.59 min (Spanskt tal, English subtitles)

Manizales, Colombia, samlas en grupp bestående av HBT-aktivister, teaterskådespelare och filmskapare för att skapa en film på ett gemensamt språk: det latinamerikanska ”telenovelas”-språket (eller såpoperor på engelska). Från ritualer med vit magi till idéer om kärlek, religion och polisförtryck, utforskar detta projekt hur man kan använda film som ett verktyg för social inkludering.

Actions from Queersvall, Eila Wall Boholm, 2019, 6 min

This is the story of how a small sleepy town in the north of Sweden was one day awakened by a bunch of queer activists. The city woke up and became a mecca for queers. Those who lived in the city had never imagined that there were so many of them.

Vreden – Lasse Långström, Sara Parkman and Kim Ekberg, 2020, 5 min

Far up north in the little country of Sweden, an unholy alliance is forming between the right-wing party, the Christian Democrats, and the racist party. But in the forest the fairytale creatures are waiting, plotting to fight back.

The full program will be announced shortly. Warm welcome!

Rest And Resist (RAR) is a Malmö based creative collective that wants to build community and create spaces for rest and resistance for LGBTQ+ people.


FRIIS FRAME is a film democracy initiative by Folkets Bio Malmö, FilmCentrum Syd and ABF Malmö with the support of Malmö stad, where Cinema Panora makes one screening a week available free of charge to organizers in Skåne with limited resources. Webpage here.

Free entrance!
Everyone needs to book a FREE ticket and get the physical ticket latest 30 min before the event. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your booking. You can do this yourself in the booking system or by calling the box office.

Friis frame 28/11-22
From I’m continuously crying tears of estrogen and tears of testosterone
Från Vreden
From Actions from Queersvall
Bild från kvällen. Foto: Jon Aagaard Gao.