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Queer Joy Movie Night with Reclaim Pride & SAQMI

Reclaim Pride invites you to a movie night on the theme of Queer Joy

Join us for a vibrant celebration in collaboration with SAQMI (The Swedish Archive of Queer Moving Images). We will screen a selection of empowering films that explore the diverse experiences and beauty of the LGBTQ+ community.

This *Monday 5th of June* at *Verket*, we come together to celebrate queer joy with a collection of films.

  • This event is free entrance
  • Vegan fika will be offered
  • This is an alcohol free event

Get ready for a cozy and loving night <3

Bring your friends and let’s celebrate together the importance of love, visibility, and self-expression!

Experience the power of “ARE YOU STRAIGHT, FAM?”, immerse yourself in the creation of “UNA TELENOVELA DE GUAPAS”, and explore the adventures of “SUPERLEBBAN” and finally ”SUGAR OIL PINE WATER” ritual because we need to take care of each other.

ARE YOU STRAIGHT, FAM? (2019, 7:32 min) by Veronica Odetunde

Veronica Odetunde is a multifaceted Thai/ Nigerian creator who works in culture. The photos and video material was captured on a summer day in 2019 when black and brown people were invited to share their thoughts on the subject. The day ended with a photo session at Trädgårdsföreningen with the intention of celebrating diversity and beauty in brown and black people with all types of hair textures and hairstyles. The behind the scenes material was filmed by Nathalie Alvång, the creative director and editor of the film was Veronica Odetunde.

Language: English
Subtitles: No subtitle

SUPERLEBBAN (2004, 4 min) av Aktivistkollektivet Eufemia

En trailer till Eufemia Film Fest 2004.

Filmen handlar om den lesbiska superhjälten Superlebban, som föddes 2003 i samband med att Erika Gustafsson skulle vara konferencier på Lesbisk Festival. Erika skulle stå på ett lastbilsflak och med hjälp av dans hålla igång en demonstration som gick uppför Avenyn. Någon timme innan start slängde Erika på sig lite grejer som fanns hemma, bland annat sydde hon fast pärlor på magen och gjorde en mantel av orange manchester. Åren därpå återkom Superlebban på festivalen, nu med ny tjusig mantel sydd av Linda Egeberg.

Language: No language

UNA TELENOVELA DE GUAPAS / GUAPAS: A SOAP OPERA (2020, 21:59) by Colectivo Armario Abierto (Colombia)

In Manizales, Colombia, a group consisting of lgbti activists, theater actors and filmmakers gather to create a film using a common language: the one of latin american “telenovelas” (or soap operas, in english).

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

SUGAR OIL PINE WATER (2021, 14 min) by Tove Pils

A group of queers in northern Sweden are summoned to perform the ritual of the lesbian odyssey. They are united by queer experiences and dreams and by their relationship to the north. Because desire matters. Because place defines.

A tribute to those who have gone before, who walk beside, who have our backs. Those who have made and make it possible for us to live our lives.

Pine needles for the wild longing for freedom within us
Oil for queer desire
Sugar for friendship
Water because we all belong together
This ritual because we need to take care of each other

Language: Swedish
Subtitles: Swedish & English

These films will leave you with a tastefully feeling that will uplift and inspire you for the rest of the year. Be part of this empowering event as we come together to celebrate the vibrant spirit of queerness. Don’t miss out on a night of joy, laughter. See you there! 

Reclaim Pride is an anti-capitalist, autonomous network and grass root movement, for and by LGBTQIA2S+ people.

The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images (SAQMI) is a platform and an archive for queer moving images in Sweden, throughout history until the present day.

Veronica Odetunde
ARE YOU STRAIGHT, FAM? by Veronica Odetunde
Superlebban 2004
SUPERLEBBAN av Aktivistkollektivet Eufemia
UNA TELENOVELA DE GUAPAS / GUAPAS: A SOAP OPERA by Colectivo Armario Abierto (Colombia)
Tove Pils