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Faroe Pride 2019

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July 27th 2019

Í ár eru 50 ár liðin síðani Stonewall, tí hevur Faroe Islands International Minority Film Festival (FIMFF) avgjørt at have eitt tiltak á sama degi sum FAROE PRIDE 2019. Vit fara at líta aftur á LGBTQ+ søguna, og fram til í dag. Hetta gera vit við framløgu, stuttfilmum og einum heimildarfilmið.

Vit í FIMFF hava boðið Dagmar Brunow frá The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images (SAQMI) til Føroya at hava eitt upplegg, umframt at vit vísa nakrar stuttfilmar úr SAQMI skjalasavninum, ið stjórin í SAQMI, Anna Linder, hevur valt. Eftir hetta vísa vit heimildarfilmin ”Dykes, Camera, Action!” eftir Caroline Berler.

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Tiltakið er ókeypis.

19:00 Framløga við Dagmar Brunow – Stonewall 50 ár: Queer aktivisma í filmi / Stuttfilmar úr SAQMI skjalasavninum (Framløgan verður á enskum)
19:45 Steðgur
20:00 Heimildarfilmurin ”Dykes, Camera, Action!”
21:00 Faroe Pride eftirveistla í Sirkus

Fyri fyrstu ferð í Svøríki, er The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images í gongd við at savna søguna við queer kvikmyndum í einum stað. Ein søga, ið hevur verið lítilsgjørd við kúgan og sjálvssensuri.
Við dokumentatión, samrøðum, arkivering, filmssýningum, framløgum, verkstovum og orðaskifti, er fyrsti pallur til queer kvikmyndir borin í heim.

Um Dagmar Brunow:
Dagmar Brunow er dosentur í filmskunnleika á Linnaeus universitetinum í Svøríki. Gransking hennara fevnir um skjalasøvn og ljóð- og myndaarv, mentanarminni, heimildarfilmsgerð eins og eksperimentala, feministiska og queer filmsgerð, og sjónbandstøkni. Hon hevur stutt síðani útgivið eitt tekstasavn á týskum (saman við Simon Dickel) um queer film. Dagmar velur eisini filmar fyri International Queer Film Festival Hamburg.

SAQMI programme at Faroe Pride 2019:

Presentation by Dagmar Brunow

Singing Cunts by Max Göran, 2012, 2:06 min
On Animals and Cleaning by Zafire Vrba, 2019, 7 min
Carwash by Juli Apponen, 2018, 5:16 min
Ohyra by Klara Lidén, 2007, 4 min
Ang. Berivans Film by Berivan Erdogan, 2019, 20:18 min
Robert Frank by Lasse Långström, 2013, 5:30 min

Length of programme: 45 mins
Curator Anna Linder, SAQMI – The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images

Singing Cunts by Max Göran, 2012, 2:06 min
A group of cunts singing a song about a brighter future.

Max Göran lives in berlin, where he is finishing his Meisterschüler degree in Fine Art, in the class of Prof. Josephine Pryde, at the University of the Arts in the summer of 2019. He works interdisciplinary with video making and performative fields, on stage and elsewhere, using experimental video, fiction, documentary film, stage performance and choreography/dance as mediums. Together with artist Josefin Arnell he forms the duo HellFun: HellFun is an exploration on revenge and purity and a hopeless quest to make sense.

On Animals and Cleaning by Zafire Vrba, 2019, 7 min
On Animals and Cleaning deals with the consequences of eugenics, Scandinavian design and hygiene obsession. The film is based on a performance with the same name.

Zafire Vrba is a Swedish-Czech artist and educator based in Stockholm, Sweden. They work digital media, performances, video and pedagogy. In their art, Zafire deals with memory, desire, accessibility and trans visibility.

Carwash by Juli Apponen, 2018, 5:16 min
Enjoy this sexy car wash which doesn’t have anything at all to do with Kustom Kar Kommandos but which memorialises Keneth Anger’s classics from 1965.
Idea, concept, clip: Juli Apponen. Camera: Natasja Loutchko.

Juli Apponen is an artist who works mostly with choreography and performance in different constellations. She produces and tours internationally both in different collaborations and with her own solo concoctions – as choreographer, director, teacher, performer. Originally from Finland, she is now primarily based in Sweden.

Ohyra by Klara Lidén, 2007, 4 min
The main character in the film Ohyra has white linen and boxing headgear on, unusual clothing for housework, when she starts washing up in the kitchen. After a little while she turns to the camera, disgruntled, and begins mocking herself and her inefficiency.
Except from a text by Sophie O’Brien

Klara Lidén (born 1979 in Stockholm) works inter-disciplinarily and has a background in both architectural and artistic studies. She uses video installations and photography to engage the viewer in a subtil reflection on the connection between body and space. She also has the ability to transform public and private space with bodily proximity and a sense of movement.

Ang. Berivans Film by Berivan Erdogan, 2019, 20:18 min
Berivan is currently working on her film, that is based upon her childhood memories of a controlling and abusive father. She is casting for the role of Kemal and does not share with the actors that Kemal is based on her father. While working with the actors, unprocessed memories comes back, which provokes conflict and sadistic tendencies in her. As she pushes the actors beyond their limits, the question of ethics arises. How far is Berivan willing to go to confront her own father?

Berivan Erdogan (b. 1989) is originally a Kurd from Turkey, born in Molde, Norway and raised in Oslo. She is working mainly on subjects concerning gender and power-relations within a multicultural society. She has two BA‘s: one from the Art Academy in Oslo and one in Film Directing from Akademin Valand in Gothenburg. Berivan also has an MA in Gender Studies from Gothenburg, and is currently studying a MA in Film at Valand. In her films and art projects, she is interested in exploring the topics of masculinity and violence.

Robert Frank by Lasse Långström, 2013, 5:30 min
A film about why man must be filled with something more than himself whilst simultaneously being an exposition of contemporary art and the male art professor.

Lasse Långström is a film director from Gothenburg who, together with their friends, works with conscious-heightening homoerotic anarchist musicals and occult class-struggle comedies.

Photo by Dan Helgi. Presentation by Dagmar Brunow
Photo by Dan Helgi
Photo by Dan Helgi
Photo from Max Görans video Singing Cunts, 2012
Photo by Juliette Claire from Zafire Vrbas film On Animals and Cleaning, 2019
Photo from Elin Magnussons film Act on Instinct
Photo by Natasja Loutchko from Juli Apponens film Car Wash.
Photo from Klara Lidéns film Ohyra
Photo from Berivan Erdogans film Ang. Berivans film
Photo from Lasse Långströms film Robert Frank