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Nightfall – Queer Talks & Screenings #10 ESE

Nightfall is coming back to a cozy cottage near you! (…well if you live near Majorna that is).

Come inside for an uncompromisingly queer time from dusk to dusker. Shutting the doors, drawing the curtains and plunging into the exploration and understanding of queer moving images and the work behind them. 

Nightfall is a night of queer talks and screenings. Inviting artists to share and talk about their work and their process. Nightfall is both a showcase for finished work and a queer peer review for work in progress.


This time we’re featuring the work of non-binary Nigerian-Swedish filmmaker Ese. Based in Gothenburg, Ese (they/them) works with text and video installations. Their work engages with topics that are LGBTQIA+related, with violence perpetrated by non-cis-men and with mental health issues. Ese studied at Katrineberg Folkhögskola in Halland and has a BFA degree in Film Composition at HDK-VALAND.

This event will be held in English.

Films that will be screened:

Hourglass (2018, 7:45 min)
‘When your Tinder date ends up being your last. Hourglass is about a serial Tinder dater who uses charm and sophistication to lure her victims. ‘

Myskväll (2019, 6:43 min)
‘Myskäll is about the difficulty of reconciling love with economic worries in a relationship.’

Toxic (2020, 17 min)
‘Why is it that we stay in destructive relationships? Through Arnold and Tiwa’s stories, Ese creates an intimate docufiction narrative exploring the different types of intimate partner violence that exists in LGBTQIA+ relationships. Inspired by true events.’

Reshuffling of Atoms (2022, 30 min)
‘Reshuffling of Atoms- is a visual diary, a collection of memories, conversations with friends
and moments revolving around navigating and approaching human relationships, my surroundings and materials through my non-binary perspective. Reshuffling of Atoms, plays on the border between object and body, the figurative and abstract, constant and fading.
Different materials are allowed to smoothly and continuously, with no apparent gaps or spaces, merge into each other. ‘

After the screening there will be a talk between ESE and Sam Message, SAQMI.

As usual entrance is FREE but if you want to help us keep doing what we do it’s possible to make a donation when you arrive. The space ”Frigga” is small so come on time to make sure you get a spot.

SAQMI is located in Frigga Huset, Gatenhielmska kulturreservatet, at Pölgatan 5, 414 60

Doors open at 19:00, screening starts at 19:30


The programme is taking place on the ground floor, however there are a few steps and small doorways. The smallest door is 77cm. There is audio amplification but no hearing loop.

Contact us if you want to come and we will help you get a place:


Nightfall is supported by Kulturrådet.

Nightfall - Queer Talks & Screenings #10 - ESE
Poster credit: ESE
Photo credit: ESE
Photo credit: ESE
Photo credit: ESE