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Come Together T-shirt


The Come Together T-shirt serves as a memory of SAQMI’s digital gathering on April 25th 2020.

Below you’ll find the very first event invitation for Come Together… and then came COVID-19. Still, we believe the T-shirt is amazing and it keeps us thinking about the importance of live meetings in real spaces and places.

“Welcome to SAQMI’s first official gathering Come Together, which will take place in Gothenburg on April 24 – 26. This meeting is for those of us who create and work with queer moving images, so that we can meet in casual settings and talk about and/or share our work; and also discuss what we want from an archive for Swedish queer moving images. The weekend offers a bunch of seminars, talks, film screenings, a party, and the opportunity to give a short presentation on one’s work (max 15 min).”

Here you can read about what we did instead.

CT_T-shirt 2020
Malin Holgersson and Anna Linder "job crazy look" for Come Together digital event on ZOOM.
Graphic Design by Maryam Fanni