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UTOPIA TODAY x REX BOX: a discussion with
Andrea Domesle and Anna Linder

Videocity – Behind the Scenes | Meet Anna Linder

In conjunction with the Utopia Today – Queer Perspectives, we will also have a special event 5th of March. Curator Andrea Domesle will hold a discussion with Anna Linder, the founder of SAQMI, interpreting the videos. There will also be an additional showing of the short film Space is quite a lot of things by August Joensaalo, and with a footnote about the importance of the SAQMI archive. 

The discussion will be held in room REX2 at the Kassenhaus
des Kino REX in Bern.

Since tonight’s conversation with Andrea Domesle and Anna Linder is taking place at the Cinema REX in Bern, we would like to introduce Anna and her artistic work in more detail today.

Anna Linder was born and raised in Storuman, southern Lapland. Linder works as an artist, curator and cultural producer, especially in the field of moving images. Her works, films/videos and installations have been shown at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, ICA in London, Gallery Alkatraz in Ljubljana, Rotterdam Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Arsenal l in Berlin and at other institutions.

Her latest queer experimental film Spermwhore was purchased for Moderna Museet’s collection and was part of the artistic research project Queer Moving Images that ended in March 2017 at HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design. Her ongoing work are Colere and the queer platform; SAQMI – The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images which Linder started in 2017. In the year 2021 Anna Linder received the prestigious Dynamo scholarship from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Gothenburg City’s Cultural scholarship for her work as an artist but also for the long-term work of making artists visible.

Anna’s trip to Bern is generously supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Still from VideoCity. Film: Space is quite a lot of things by August Joensalo
Still from Space is quite a lot of things by August Joensalo..