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THIS IS THE QUEER BAR October 31, 2020

We are terribly sad to say that we have decided to cancel the bar this Saturday 31st due to new Covid 19 recommendations. We are cancelling mainly due to the fact that we are not confident in being able to safely come together because of the size of the venue in which the bar was supposed to take place. Instead we will do our halloween at home in a traditional sheet ghost costume which seems like the most covid19 appropriate costume to be wearing this year. We hope you stay safe as covid19 cases increase and again we hope to see you all in person soon

LÖRDAG KL. 19:00-24:00 (Registration required – address below)

Where: The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images – Frigga huset,
Gatenhielmska kulturreservatet, Pölgatan 5

Ansvarig: Kolbrún Inga Söring


THIS IS THE QUEER BAR is back after long and queerneeding lonely Covid19 nights.This time teaming up with SAQMI to host a very special live streaming of The Halloween Mini Ball: Horror Movie Edition 

THIS IS THE QUEER BAR will open its doors at 19:00-24:00 on October 31st 2020.

For more info on the Ball which will be taking place at the same time, at Frilagret you can check out their event: : ‘”The ball will take inspiration from iconic movie moments from the horror movies of the past and the present. A ball is a special event that takes place in Ballroom Culture. Ballroom is founded and run by queer POC, which makes a ball a primarily QPOC competition in fashion, sex, beauty and performance(dance). It is the lgbtqia+ golden globes, the Emmys and the Oscars, where the oppressed are the stars, where the community meets to celebrate each other.”

JOIN US for a cosy booty shakin’ time. We will have drinks with and without alcohol ❤ come as you are ❤ as you want to be ❤ as you feel yourself ❤ as your freak self ❤ as your halloween self ❤ as your drag self ❤ as you desire yourself ❤
Due to covid regulations only 25 people can attend this event! Therefore we have a registration requirement. Make sure to register by sending me an email to: kolbruningasoring(at) First come first serve!

It is important that we all take care and responsibility for each other, if you have any covid19 related symptoms, have tested positive, or been around anyone who has been tested positive then please stay home. (if you have already registered, let us know if you are not coming so that we can pass that spot on to someone else)

We will have disinfectants and will take measures to make the experience as covid19 safe as possible.Unfortunately the space is not wheelchair accessible, but we are trying to find a location for the bar with full access to all, if you know of a space, please let us know. I am endlessly looking forward to sharing space with you once again P.S. The bar has to be Private here, but it is of course Open to all kinds of Queers, so invite your friends!

This is the queer bar