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🌲WELCOME TO GRÖNGLÖD, an art project weaving together seven different mediums: music, dance, film, photography, installation, illustration and painting.

Be careful not to miss this GLOWING evening debuting GRÖNGLÖD in all its forms. Also save the date November 26th for a BIG DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PARTY for SAQMI and QRAB <3

GRÖNGLÖD November 17th

16:00-17:30 SKOGSUPPRORET WORKSHOP (workshop in Swedish)

Under workshopen kommer Lan Pham & Hanna Tebrand, aktivister från Skogsupproret, berätta hur Skogsupprorets arbete med att skydda de sista skogarna görs i solidaritet med långvariga samiska kamper genom folklig kraft. De kommer att försöka öka förståelse för vad det innebär att delta i civil olydnad, som metod för samhällsförändring.

17:30-18:30 TRANSDANCE WORKSHOP – Eli Edbom (they/he/dem/han) – (eng/sv)

In this workshop you’ll be invited to move, share and dance. Eli will be presenting core aspects of their artistic and pedagogical practise for you to take part of, in line with their project TransDance – dance for and by trans* people. Some parts of the workshop will be taken from the dance classes done within TransDance, other parts will be taken from the Grönglöd concept.

19:00 BIRTHDAY PARTY for SAQMI + Grönglöd Vernissage

19:30 GRÖNGLÖD SCREENING + ARTIST PANEL – facilitated by Status Queer’s Sam Message (they/den)



Mo Wiklund (they/hen) – music, artistic director, coordination, editor
Eli Edbom (they/he/dem/han) – choreographer, dancer
Amanda Almgren (she/hon) & Embla Berndtsson Tordal (she/hon) – videographers, directors, editors
Lex Eliot Rose (they/hen/den) – art photography, documentation, director
Mio Mikkelsen (he/they/han/hen) – illustrator
Aija Sillén (she/hon) – sound installation

Mastring: Siri Landgren
Direction consultant: Jas Lin (they/them/ta)


Amanda Almgren and Embla Berndtsson Tordal are the two cinematographers of Grönglöd. They are a filmmaking duo, and have worked on several different projects together with reappearing themes of queer stories, environmental and social issues. Amanda and Embla have both studied film production and are currently studying documentary filmmaking together, with an interest in exploring the different genres and forms of film. 

Lex Eliot Rose is a nonbinary artist and photographer. Intrigued by the borderland between photography and performance, they examine relations between body, spaces, and power. Lex’s artwork has been exhibited in Australia, Italy, South Korea, USA, as well as in Sweden. They have a Bachelor’s degree in Rhetorics, and by summer 2023 hopefully also a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography. In Grönglöd, Lex has been photographing. 

Eli Edbom is a non-binary, transmasculine and otherwise queer dance artist, choreographer and pedagogue from Stockholm. Using their main genre ballet as a starting point rather than shying away from it, he actively and critically works with its aesthetics to explore themes of identity, memories and transformation. Focusing on storytelling – they use character work and embodiment to find identity and ‘the genuine’, and to (gender)queer the ballet.

Mio Mikkelsen is a Swedish/Danish illustrator and comic artist currently studying at Serieskolan in Malmö. They mainly work within sci fi and fantasy, creating fantastical creatures and colourful characters, as means to explore new worlds as well as processing our current one. Within Grönglöd, he’s made illustrations for the poster and for the exhibition at the release event.

Aija Sillén, born 2001, is a composer and improviser with a great interest in electronics. She is currently studying composition at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Her latest works try to bridge gaps between composition, sound art and improvisation, where generative and aleatoric elements are guiding forces both in composition and performance. In most cases, these works connect to themes of communication, social hierarchies and community. 

Mo Wiklund (they/them) is a trans/queer artist, composer, activist, cellist, vocalist and producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Contemporary/experimental electronic music, free jazz improvisation (often at BRÖTZ @brotz_jazzklubb) and abstract painting and sculpture are the defining parts of their artistic expression, some living on their Instagram (@0m0.o0). On their Youtube-channel you can currently watch the video “Okänt Namn/Name Unknown (2020)” magically honouring Trans Day Of Remembrance.

GRÖNGLÖD is supported by; ABF; Kultur Ungdom; This Is The Queer Space; The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images; Region Västra Götaland; Göteborg Stad; Gothenburg Studios Development; Redrental Maan

Kolgruvan – the space – is wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet. For more info on accessibility drop us a message on Facebook! In order to protect vulnerable attendee’s, please wear a mask to the event. 

Foto: Lex Eliot Rose
Foto: Lex Eliot Rose
Foto: Lex Eliot Rose
Foto: Lex Eliot Rose
Foto: Lex Eliot Rose
Affisch Grönglöd. Grafisk design av Mio Mikkelsen.