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Nightfall – Queer Talks & Screenings #11 – Zayera Agha Khan

Nightfall is a night of queer talks and screenings. Inviting artists to share and talk about their work and their process. Nightfall is both a showcase for finished work and a queer peer review for work in progress.


Welcome to another Nightfall in our warm cozy venue at Frigga! This time we invite the artist Zayera Khan, who will present some of their films:

Liberating Paradise / Känslan av ett paradis (2015, 23 min)
We who bleed / Vi som blöder (2014, 28 min)
Menstruation with/out gender / Menstruation o/könad (2014, 7 min)

Screening 60 min + Talk with Zayera Agha Khan.
Moderator: Adrian Turrado. Curator by Anna Linder

More about the program:

Liberating Paradise / Känslan av ett paradis

In this documentary “Liberating paradise”, Zayera Khan gives an insight into the unique environment created in 1981 at the Kvinnohöjden, a feminist course and guest farm in Dalarna, Sweden. During the summer of 2014 tells the guests and course participants share their individual relationships with Kvinnohöjden, where different female generations meet, exchange knowledge and experiences.

I sin dokumentärfilm ”Känslan av paradis” ger Zayera Khan en inblick i den unika miljön som skapats 1981 på Kvinnohöjden, en feministiska kurs- och gästgård i Dalarna. Under sommaren 2014 berättar gäster, medverkande och kursdeltagare om sina individuella relationer till Kvinnohöjden, där olika kvinnogenerationer möts, utbyter kunskap och erfarenheter. I de röda husen, som för vissa har blivit till ”ett annat hem”, erbjuds kurser i bland annat tango, skönlitterärt skrivande och vegansk matlagning. I den öppna, alldeles egna atmosfären finns plats för diskussioner om feminismen och separatism lika mycket som för vila. Men för sina gäster är gården mer än bara ett semesterparadis i naturen. Med gemensam arbetsfördelning som matlagning, basgrupper för regelbunden möjlighet till ”rundor” och samtal där alla får höras och ta plats, uppstår på Kvinnohöjden en ”fristad från patriarkatet”, ”en levd utopi”, så befriad från hierarkier som det går

Till minne av Monica Högling (2021) och alla kvinnor som kämpat och byggt upp föreningen.

Land: Sverige (2015), Språk: svenska
Längd: 23 minuter, Undertexter: engelska

We who bleed / Vi som blöder

This movie is about menstruation, what it implies and affects women, we who bleed? The documentary film is based on interviews and explores the notion and question about the first menstruation, menstrual and sanitary pads, PMS, sex, taboos and menopause.

Zayera Khan vill förstå vad menstruation är, vad innebär det för andra kvinnor, hur påverkar det oss, vi som blöder? Filmen “Vi som blöder” utforskar menstruationens genom frågeställningar som: första menstruationen, menstruationsprodukter, pms, sex, partner, tabun och klimakteriet.

Land: Sverige (2014), Språk: svenska
Längd: 28 minuter, Undertexter: engelska

Menstruation with/out gender // Menstruation o/könad

Zayera Khan wants to understand what menstruation is, what it means and implies to trans and intergender persons, how it affects these persons? 

The film shares the experience of 3 people who tell us about their menstruation and a personal insight into three persons who are transgender, intergender and their experience, perception of their menstrual period.

Kortfilmen “Menstruation o/könad” ger röst till 3 personer som berättar för oss om sin menstruation och vad det innebär, hur det påverkar dessa personer. Det är en personlig inblick i 3 transpersoners upplevelse av sin menstruation.

Land: Sverige (2014), Språk: svenska
Längd: 7 minuter, Undertexter: engelska

After the screenings, we will have a discussion together with director of the films where we will reflect about menstruation, hormonal changes and its intersections with queer identities. What types of menopause are there? How does identity, gender, and sexuality relate to hormonal transitions? How do we think of its ageing-related aspects?

Menopause is not always tied to middle-age and ageing, despite its reputation and the way it is portrayed in the media. Menopause and menopause-like effects can occur at any age. How much do we know about it and what can we expect from hormonal transitions? Are these experiences yet another taboo we must overcome?

We invite you to join us for an exploration journey about hormonal cycles. This event will be an interactive and engaging session to discuss the impact that these cycles have on our lives, and how we can become better informed, more aware of them, and liberated from oppressive psychosocial beliefs. We hope to provide a supportive space for us to exchange information about our bodies and hormones, understanding the lived experiences of trans people and other queer identities.

How is it to gender-transition at an older age in life? What gatekeepers do we find to get help and medication? Can hormones change the way we understand our sexuality? Do we really know what we need to know about sexuality, about gender, and about the kind of sex we like when we get to middle age? Can menopause be a liberating experience to finally be who one really is?, to rediscover our needs and embrace new exciting ways of pleasure?

Bring your thoughts on the topic! Come and share with other queers your experiences about menstruation, gender, hormones, blood, and (menstrual) cycles.

The discussion will be moderated in English. 

The entrance is FREE, but you can help us with a donation once you get there. Doors open at 19:00. Screenings start at 19:30. Make sure you come on time to get a spot!


Zayera Khan is a documentary filmmaker, with main interest in the body, human nature and politics. Zayera wants to through documentary films take a step closer to elucidate and highlight topics such as menstrual blood and the body.

Zayera Khan is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden and working on documentary film projects, with a focus on feminism, environmental and human nature.


My research began in 2013, first of all talking to friends, acquaintances, and I also did a survey in which 180 women and transgender people answered questions on the topic of menstruation. These answers and questions were explored further in my documentary film “We who bleed ” and ”Menstruation with/out gender”. 

The documentary films have dealt with and portrayed some of the topics, however not all issues could be covered which emerged during the film project. 

Ultimately I would like to further develop and investigate topics that involve our bodies, biology, body norms, society’s view of blood (pure / impure) and ultimately bodily functions which change over time, and changes in perception and attitude with each generation of female bodies.

SAQMI is located in Frigga Huset, Gatenhielmska kulturreservatet, Behind Oceanen at Pölgatan 5, 414 60.


The programme is taking place on the ground floor, however there are a few steps and small doorways. The smallest door is 77cm. There is audio amplification but no hearing loop.

Contact us if you want to come and we will help you get a place: program(at)

Nightfall is supported by Swedish Arts Council and Gothenburg City.

Still from We who bleed.
Zayera Agha Khan
Still from We who bleed.
Zayera Agha Khan
Still from Menstruation with/out gender.
Poster Zayera Agha Khan
Poster for We who bleed.
Q&A with Zayera and Adrian.