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QRAB (the Archives and Library of the Queer Movement) in collaboration with Queerlit welcomes you to an event focusing on trans* and queer archives and their relations to the communities they document.

15.00 Presentation of the Digital Transgender Archive by K. J. Rawson
15.40 Panel conversation with
* K. J. Rawson (Associate Professor, Director of the Digital Transgender Archive, and co-chair of the Homosaurus editorial board)
* Jonelle Twum (Founder and Artistic Director of Black Archives Sweden)
* Anna Linder (Founder and Artistic Director of the Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images (SAQMI)
* Rachel Pierce (Research Coordinator at KvinnSam – National Resource Library for Gender Studies)
* Olov Kriström (Founder and Archivist of the Archives and Library of the Queer Movement (QRAB), and member of the Queerlit project)
Chair of the conversation is Pia Laskar (Associate Professor, and Secretary of the Archives and Library of the Queer Movement (QRAB))

Information on accessibility: The event will be held in English. The event will be housed in the café of Regnbågshuset, at the furthest end of the premises.
To enter the building, use the intercom at the entrance and state what event you’re attending. Regnbågshuset is at the fourth floor. The intercom at the outer gate is a bit high and can be difficult to reach and see if you are in a wheelchair, for example.
In case of impaired hearing, the intercom can also be difficult to hear, especially if there is a lot of traffic outside at the same time.
The outer gate has no automatic opening.
There is an elevator in the building, but it has a small threshold and door without automatic opening.
There is an accessible toilet.

Poster for panel hosted by QRAB