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The 🎂 biggest birthday 🎂 of the year!!! 🎂

🧭Location released on the 26th🧭

SAQMI x QRAB x Status Queer. From pulsating punk🧷 to pussy pussy pussy😻, orchestra🎷 to singer song-writer🎤, performance🐙 to after-party🎉🎉, we’re teaming up to bring you an evening you won’t forget💫. Bubbles🍾, nibbles🍬 and… dance-ibbles👀?

So come on friends of SAQMI & QRAB it’s time to raise (a number of) glasses to our big 5 year bonanza!

🔥 18:00 – Doors Open!!!
🔥 19:00 – Queerorkestern
🔥 19:45 – Jon Ely Xiuming
🔥 20:15 – Silas Lilo 
🔥 21:00 – Eva Warberg & Christina Kjellsson
🔥 21:45 – Divursula
🔥 22:30 – Systrar i synden

All to be hosted by Status Queer’s very own 🔥 @sammessage – AKA Köttungen 🥩

🎥🗝And for those of you who just need a moment to soak up some queer history – we’ll be screening SAQMI’s Queer Moving History films throughout ✒️🎥

After this jam backed evening of queer delights 🎈we’ll be diving straight into the 👅✌🏽 AFTERPARTY in the same venue. Check out @thisisthequeerspace on Instagram for the biggest the baddest and the naughtiest 🙊party in GBGay(+): @thisisthequeerspace ‘s SJUKT.

**Tickets to the birthday party grant free entry to the afterparty**

It’s dress to impress – from slutty 🍑 to conceptual 🧸 to con-slut-cept 🕹️ and everything in between and far beyond we expect to see you dressed to the nines.


🌠 Movie Stars
🌠 Pop Stars
🌠 Stars and leading lights from our proud queer heritage 
🌠 Collapsing red dwarfs and imminent supernovas are all valid 🐱meow-uwu🐱

⚡ If you cannot afford a ticket and belong to one of @wearestatusqueer ‘s priority groups then message them and they’ll make sure you can come.

⚡ You belong to one of our priority groups if you LGBTQ+ *and* racialised, living with a disability, newly arrived, working class/economically precarious or a binary/non-binary trans person. 

This event is made in collaboration with ABF Göteborg and KulturUngdom.

5 årsfesten tillsammans med QRAB och Status Queer
Graphics by Kolbrún Inga Söring
5årsfesten SAQMI QRAB