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SAQMI at Reclaim Pride TORGET

Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg – Världskulturmuseet August 23-24th 2019 [ENG] During Reclaim Pride you will be able to meet and greet with organizations, bigger and smaller ones, that aims to contribute to our struggle in diffferent ways. Should your organisation or initiative be… Read more

SAQMI at Faroe Pride 2019

Photo from Max Görans video Singing Cunts July 27th 2019 Í ár eru 50 ár liðin síðani Stonewall, tí hevur Faroe Islands International Minority Film Festival (FIMFF) avgjørt at have eitt tiltak á sama degi sum FAROE PRIDE 2019. Vit fara at líta aftur á… Read more